The Rock Compost

Residential Terms of Service

We believe that the little details add up and make a big impact in your composting experience. We’ve gathered the details of our service and made them transparent and accessible to you.
Last Updated on July 22, 2023.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Billing Details

Membership Contact
Billing Period
Missed Payment

‍Section 2: Service Details

Location of Collection
Time of Collection
Missed Collection
Courtesy Bin
Address Change
Extra Service Request
Service Plan Changes
Additional Bin(s) Request
Lost/Stolen/Damaged Bin(s)
Extra Compostables

‍Section 3: Cancellation Details

Final Bin(s) Not Collected
Long Term Holds
Reactivating Service

Section 1: Billing Details

Membership Contact: The member must provide designated Membership Contact Information (name, phone number, and email). Membership Contact will be contacted by The Rock Compost for anything service related, including updating billing information and addressing billing errors. Membership Contact can be updated via the Member Dashboard.

Billing Period: Automatic recurring billing is monthly, beginning at the start of service or the end of any trial. Service will automatically renew at the end of the current billing period unless the member cancels prior to that. Our payment processor is Stripe, a 3rd party platform used by thousands of businesses, so we never store credit card information on our own servers. Members can be confident that payment information is secure. Payment information can be updated via the Member Dashboard.

‍Missed Payment: In the event that payment is declined, the member will be contacted with a gentle reminder to update their payment information. Prior to suspension of service, the member will receive a cancellation warning in which they will have one week to bring the account to current status. If payment is not received, the member’s service is cancelled [see below for more information on the cancellation process].

Section 2: Service Details

 Location of Collection: The member is responsible for providing an accurate description of where their bin(s) will be located on their designated service day. Due to safety concerns, we cannot swap bin(s) located in areas not visible from the street. If the bin(s) are not located in the designated location at the time of collection, it may result in a missed collection [see below]. Bin(s) location can be updated via the Member Dashboard.

‍Time of Collection: Under normal circumstances, our routes may begin as early as 7:00am and may end as late as 6:00pm. The member is responsible for having their bin(s) in the agreed upon service location starting at 7am and remain there until collection or 6pm. Due to route variability, we are unable to guarantee a set time of collection on each service day. If the bin(s) are not located in their designated location(s) at the time of collection, it may result in a missed collection [see below].

‍Missed Collection: It is the responsibility of the member to ensure their bin(s) are located at the agreed upon service location on their service day within the service time window. If we are unable to locate the bin(s), or they are inaccessible (i.e. building is locked, buzz code not working, gates closed, road closures, unable to bypass security), we will notify the member and plan to service the bin(s) on their next day of service. If this is the first missed collection in a row, we will leave a spare courtesy bin for the member to use for the upcoming week. If the missed collection is two or three times in a row, we will not leave a courtesy bin. If there are 4 missed collections in a row with no communication from the member, we will cancel service [see below]. In the event of a missed collection, we cannot come back to service the bin(s) unless the missed collection is due to an error by The Rock Compost.

‍Courtesy Bin: If left a courtesy bin due to a missed collection, it is the member’s responsibility to leave all bin(s) out on their next collection day in order for our bin count to remain accurate for our records. We track every bin we collect and drop off.

‍Skips: If a member is going out of town or otherwise needs to skip a collection, they can place a skip for the collection day of their choice and receive a $5 service credit for each skip placed. The service credit will be applied on the next billing period. Skips can be placed via the Member Dashboard.


‍Address Change: If a member needs to change their address, they must submit the address change request at least 1 week before their move date to ensure collection at their new address. Address change requests can be submitted through the Member Dashboard.

‍Extra Service Request: This option only applies to bi-weekly service members and is $10 per extra collection requested on their off week. An extra collection can be requested via the Member Dashboard.

‍Service Plan Changes: Service plans can be changed or cancelled at any time [see below for more information on the cancellation process]. Plan changes are prorated based on the member’s billing period. Service plans can be changed or cancelled via the Member Dashboard.

Additional Bin(s) Request: To request extra bins, a member can temporarily change their service plan before their next collection. When they are done with the bin, they can go back in to their Member Dashboard, and change their service plan back to their original plan. Our system will prorate your monthly charge for the extra bin, based on how long they choose to keep the bin and when the next monthly bill is processed. Another way to request additional bins is to manually request them for $5 per bin per week. Change in service plan or manual requests can be made through the Member Dashboard.

‍Contamination: Contamination happens, occasionally. The Rock Compost manually sorts and sifts contamination out of every collected bin. Help us in this work by limiting the bin’s contents to approved items.

‍Lost/Stolen/Damaged Bin(s): If a bin is lost, damaged or stolen, the member will receive a complimentary replacement for the first time. After that, each lost bin is $10 to replace.

Extra Compostables: We only accept compostables that are in our bin(s) with the exception of empty pizza boxes. Members can change their service plan to accommodate an increase in volume. Members can change their service plan via the Member Dashboard.

Section 3: Cancellation Details

Cancellation: While we hope our members continue building healthy soil with us forever, we understand that cancelling service may be required. Members can cancel their The Rock Compost service at any time. Cancellation must be done via the Member Dashboard, a phone call, or email.

Refunds: No refunds are issued for cancellations unless no collections have occurred during the billing period. The final bin collection does not count towards a regular collection.

Final Bin(s) Not Collected: We will attempt to collect the final bin(s) twice. After two failed attempts, we will charge $10/bin to replace the bin(s).

‍Long Term Holds: Rather than cancel, a member can place a long-term hold on their account. The long-term hold must be longer than 1 month and not exceed 6 months. To place a long-term hold, the member must have a restart date. To place a long-term hold, members can email

‍Reactivating Service: Members can restart service at any time. To restart service, members can email

‍”These Terms of Service are subject to change. Members will be notified of any Terms of Service changes.